• Perch

A Perch seat was originally designed to assist those who found a seat position uncomfortable. Where you haverestricted movement in the hips or knee joints a perch seat will allow you to “perch” safely on the stairlift, reducing impact on the affected joints. With a retractable seat belt it keeps the user stable and supported when in use. They also are a good option for a narrow stair case, and take up less space.

Perch Seat

Upholstery available in a choice of 6 colours

Available on both straight and curved rails

Max weight capacity with Handicare 2000 is 115kg/18st

Available options for this stairlift include;

  • Powered footplate to maximize free space
  • Body Harness for extra support if required

Available options for this stairlift

  • Powered footplate: To maximise free space, you can automatically fold up the footplate.
  • Body Harness: Designed for those who need extra support.

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