Straight Stairlift Safety With The Handicare 1100

No matter your age, you should always pay attention when going up or down a stairs. While a younger person may endure bumps, bruises, or a broken bone from a fall, the consequences can be severe for senior citizens. Factors such as mobility issues, medication side effects, and vision problems can elevate the risk of falls, particularly on stairs. As you can imagine, the potential for a life-altering injury is ever-present.

 Addressing the challenges of climbing stairs, Handicare’s 1100 Straight Stairlift emerges as a transformative solution, granting seniors greater independence in navigating their homes. Boasting a cutting-edge design, the 1100 prioritises safety through its industry-leading features:

1. Patented Multi-Drive Technology: The 1100’s multi-drive system ensures optimal performance at all times. In the rare event of a motor issue, the stairlift seamlessly transitions to one of its three other motors, ensuring a secure journey up or down the stairs. Additionally, the built-in batteries offer sufficient power for at least 10 rides, mitigating concerns during power outages.

2. Intuitive Braking System: Empowering the user with control, the 1100’s intuitive braking system responds to obstacles by automatically halting the stairlift. An easily accessible emergency stop button adds an extra layer of security, eliminating abrupt stops at the end of a ride—a common issue in many other stairlifts.

3. Automatic Swivel Seat: Ensuring the practicality of the stairlift, the 1100 features an automatic swivel seat. With a user-friendly toggle switch, users can effortlessly turn the seat 80 degrees upon reaching their destination for a controlled departure.

4. Retractable Seatbelt: Prioritising maximum safety, the 1100 comes equipped with a retractable seatbelt that adjusts to fit most body sizes. Easy to fasten and unfasten, the belt enhances security during the stairlift journey.

5. Safer Footrests: All 1100 models include anti-slip footrests with textured grips, providing superior traction during seating and standing. An optional powered footrest upgrade allows riders to fold and unfold the footrest without bending down.

 The 1100 Stairlift offers indispensable assistance in navigating stairs. With Handicare’s commitment to safety and independence, the 1100 provides a secure means for seniors to move around their homes. To explore the safety features of the 1100 Stairlift further, contact the Leinster Stairlift team for a comprehensive, in-home consultation.

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