Handicare 1000 straight stairlift

Slim, stylish & customisable.

With one of the slimmest straight stairlift tracks on the market, the Handicare 1000 features a range of customisable options including a powered hinge to prevent the track obscuring a doorway at the base of the stairs.

The 1000 straight stairlift comes with a manual fold-away footrest, seat and arms as standard, meaning the lift takes up less room when not in use. The Smart Seat delivers a choice of six upholstery colours and optional powered features to turn the seat at the top of the staircase or fold the footrest after use. This stairlift has optional XL & XXL kits to cater for weights up to 160kg (25.2st.) and 200kg (31.5st.) respectively.

Handicare 1000 straight stairlift unique features

The Handicare 1000 straight stairlift offers features such as a powered swivel seat and powered folding footplate; these can make using a stairlift even easier by allowing you to operate these functions at the touch of a button rather than manually. Even if you don’t need them now, they may be something you will benefit from in the future. The Handicare 1000 is also available in XL and XXL sizes which cater for weights up to 200kg (31.5st.).

Browse the range of unique features available with Handicare 1000 stairlift:

Powered swivel

All of our stairlifts come with a manual swivel seat as standard. If you choose the powered swivel option the seat swivel is operated by continuing to hold the toggle or joystick when you arrive at the top of the staircase. The seat will move automatically while the toggle / joystick is activated.

Powered footplate

All of our stairlifts come with a manual folding footplate as standard. If you choose the powered footplate option it will remove the need for you to bend down to fold or unfold the footplate. You can choose to have a footplate that folds automatically when the seat is folded and unfolded, or that is operated separately to the seat by a switch in the seat arm.

Powered hinge

The Handicare 1000 stairlift can also be supplied with an automatic hinged track which means when operating the stairlift from the toggle, the hinge will lift/lower automatically. This removes the need to bend down when lifting or lowering the rail.

Choice of seat colour

With a choice of six colours (Ruby, Cacao, Sand, Sapphire, Slate & Jade), the Handicare 1000’s smart seat’s practical pre-formed upholstery provides a sturdy and resilient seat solution to suit almost any décor or style to blend seamlessly.

Perch seat

Ideal for those with knee or hip flexion problems, the Perch seat alleviates the need to sit down when using your stairlift.  The Perch seat can also suit narrow staircases where standard stairlifts do not have the clearance.

Full body harness

Designed for customers who need extra support The curved design makes the harness more comfortable to wear and each harness comes with adjustable straps to tailor the harness to your needs. The harness is available in three sizes.

Plus size options

The standard Handicare 1000 caters for weights up to 137kg (21.5st.). It is also available in two plus-size options. The 1000XL caters for weights up to 160kg (25.2 st.) and the XXL for weights up to 200kg (31.5st.). Both feature extra distance between the arms.

Recent stairlift installations

Browse some of our recent straight stairlift installations.

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